President & General Secretary Message

     All Pakistan Workers Confederation It is our pleasure to wish success the struggle of the working class of Pakistan for developing and promoting their fundamental rights and ensure them decent work and dignity of work in the society. The working class of WAPDA / Electricity Corporatized Companies serve to provide basic need of electricity and Water of the national service all our the country WAPDA / Electricity corporatized companies employees more than 160000 thousand workforce in the largest national public utility. The union established since 1936 organized by one of the founder of Trade union movement of sub-continent Late Bashir Ahmed Khan Bakhtiar has been able not only assist to develop and succeed in improving the efficiency and provide better services to 25 Million electricity consumers, but also, for the economic and social development of the workforce through the collective bargaining with the employers. It has been able to convince the successive government, not to privatize national public utility electricity in the wider national interest. The Union has been continuously strengthening not only uplift and progress of the workforce of the largest national public utility, but also playing key role for organizing the working class of Pakistan under our national platform in order to establish a society based upon equality and fraternity and social justice, democracy and dignity of work and men and women elimination of poverty and ignorance and diseases, unemployment in order to build Pakistan as enunciated by the father of nation. All the members of workforce in particular youth are required to join the union and strengthen to achieve those noble objectives.

(a) To make concerted struggle through independent labour movement for promotion of dignity of work of the working men and women and respect of fundamental trade union rights of the workers;

(b) Provision of social protection to the workers and striving for establishing Decent Work and Humane Working Conditions free from hazardous at work place;

(c) To make success the struggle to establish an egalitarian society based upon equality, fraternity and social justice and free from the yoke of feudalism and abolishing the abuse of child and bonded labour and discrimination against women in the society and promotion of principle of “Equal Pay for Equal Work” ;