All Pakistan Workers Confederation established in 1994 at Bukhtiar Labour Hall, Lahore as an umbrella organization of the various National Trade Unions Centre of Pakistan by holding its National Delegate Conference. The veteran trade union leaders Mirza Muhammad Ibrahim, who was one of the founders of the trade union movement in Pakistan and Late Nibi Ahmad, S.P. Lodhi, Ghulam Miran Kashmiri, Khurshid Alam, Maula Bakhsh Khaskhali, Saleem Raza, Ch. Gulzar Ahmad and Gul Rehman alongwith Mr. Khurshid Ahmad were the founders of this organization. The objectives of establishing this umbrella organization of the National Trade Unions centre are as under:

(a) To make concerted struggle through independent labour movement for promotion of dignity of work of the working men and women and respect of fundamental trade union rights of the workers;

(b) Provision of social protection to the workers and striving for establishing Decent Work and Humane Working Conditions free from hazardous at work place;

(c) To make success the struggle to establish an egalitarian society based upon equality, fraternity and social justice and free from the yoke of feudalism and abolishing the abuse of child and bonded labour and discrimination against women in the society and promotion of principle of “Equal Pay for Equal Work” ;

(d) Ensuring implementation of labour laws through independent labour inspection machinery in conformity with ILO Convention No.81 ratified by the Government of Pakistan.

(e) Bringing the labour laws in conformity with ILO Conventions Nos.29, 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138 & 182 ratified by the Government of Pakistan.

(f) Promotion of unity among the working class through democratic trade union movement and defeating the divisive forces based upon parochial, ethnic, religious, sectarian and extremism.